Just throwing this out into the universe now -- if a Jetsons live-action movie is ever made, it needs to be set in and/or filmed in New Hampshire, since apparently, we're the last state standing when it comes to making flying cars a thing.

No, seriously.

Like, we're trying to make flying cars a thing in New Hampshire so much that according to Bloomberg, while everyone was focused on the dumpster fire that was the year 2020, a bill was passed in the state (House Bill 1182 -- better known as, get this, the "Jetsons Bill") that made flying cars road-legal.

On top of that, Bloomberg also reported that in the Jetsons Bill, flying cars DON'T EVEN NEED TO GET A STATE INSPECTION. Granted, that's probably because you need to be given the go-ahead by the Federal Aviation Administration, but still. The stamp of approval from the FAA and a $2,000 registration fee, and you're good to go!

Not only has flying car testing been happening in New Hampshire since 2018, but did you know you can actually reserve the PAL-V Liberty flying car at the Manchester Airport? That's a LEGIT thing right now!

A local Pal-V sales rep, who is also a state rep for New Hampshire, Keith Ammon, told Bloomberg that a PAL-V Liberty goes for a swift $390,000, runs on regular gas, tops out at about 100mph and has a range of just over 800 miles before needing another fill-up.

Let's place you in a perfect world where you can afford the PAL-V Liberty and the $2,000 yearly registration fee is like dropping a nickel in a tip jar for you. Would you pull the trigger on a flying car? Sounds pretty intriguing when you realize you can fly down to Boston for the day without having to sit in traffic on 93, right?

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