In 1996, 49 states put a mandatory seatbelt law on the books. The only state which didn't is the 'Live Free or Die' state. If lawmakers have their way, we could see a change.

According to the Union Leader, the House Transportation Committee has considered House Bill 1259, the first initiative in nearly ten years to introduce a seatbelt law in the Granite State. Rep. Dan Hynes of Merrimack told the committee "I have the right in New Hampshire not to do it. We’re the only state in the country that doesn’t require it. That’s even more of a reason for us to continue not requiring it. We shouldn’t be following what the other states do.”

Others do not share the opinion. The Union Leader reported many argued that a seat belt law would save lives, and challenged the view that the decision to remain unbuckled only affects the person making that decision. “I could get behind that if only one person is affected. However, many of us are affected.” said Adam Rembisz, trauma program manager at Elliot Hospital. Rembisz presented data, including fatality rates, and financial impact from the Manchester area.

Not everyone in the state is immune from wearing seatbelt. Passengers under 18 currently have to wear them by law.  If passed by the House and Senate, and signed into law, everyone would be required.




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