What does Mr. Turkey say?  Gobble, Gobble, Gobble, Gobble all day.  At least that’s what I hear from the happy turkeys at Steve Hurd’s farm in Hampton.  Seacoastonline.com reports on the happy life of a turkey at Steve Hurd’s farm.  Hurd purchased the hatchlings when they were just 6 weeks old and they have been living the good life on his farm ever since.  They happily wander the farm feeding on grass and grain until… the day they don’t.  We often don’t reflect enough on where our food comes from.  My vegan daughter tells me this frequently.  My wife grew up in a rural area and grew up depending on deer season to stock the freezer.  This makes for an interesting conversation at my home.


Hurd is quoted by seacoastonline.com saying his turkeys “only have one bad day.”  The Hurd farm has been in Hampton since 1923.  The happy birds are a strong lot and spend all day outside wandering, grazing and squawking. No antibiotics or hormones, just happy birds.  Hurd claims most of the squawking comes from the females.  Having a wife and daughter I am not surprised by this.  Predators have been a bit of an issue for him in the past, but he has a movable electric fence that seems to cut down on the attacks.  The turkeys are slaughtered in a trailer at the farm with a crew of about 6 people that worked until the wee hours of the morning making sure the birds get to market in time to hit the table on Thanksgiving.


Hurd does take reservations with a $20 deposit online and the Farm’s shop is open to the public on Wednesdays and Fridays from 4 – 7 pm.  His turkeys can also be located at local farmer’s markets in the area.




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