You've heard of firefighters called to get a neighborhood cat out of a tree, but Dover firefighters took an extra step in caring for a feline this past weekend.

Saturday was a busy afternoon for first respondents, with multiple calls arriving at the same time.  According to, Fire Chief Eric Hagman said firefighters rushed to a fire in Dover shortly after 2p. “When the first crews arrived, they saw that fire had originated on a second floor rear deck,” Hagman said. “It broke through the windows and entered the second floor. It was beginning to extend into a third floor. The tenants were home and saw the fire on the deck and were able to get outside.”

The multi family unit proved to be quite the challenge. Hagman continued “We did have one firefighter evaluated for heat exhaustion and he is fine. We rescued two cats and we treated one for smoke inhalation. The cats seemed to be doing fine, too.”



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