It's a homeowner and animal lovers worst nightmare...a fire, trapping your beloved pets inside. That's exactly what happened last Thursday in Manchester, NH. Thankfully firefighters responded quickly, and rescued two dogs and a cat after fire broke out in the basement of a home. One dog was revived using CPR, according to the New Hampshire Union Leader.

The Union Leader says the cat was found unresponsive, but was fine after being administered oxygen. All of the animals were transported to an animal hospital for evaluation. One dog and the cat returned home later that night. The dog given CPR required further treatment, and an overnight stay. The report goes on to say all of the pets should be fine.”

According to the fire chief, the fire caused an estimated $40,000 in damages to the home. As of Thursday evening a cause had yet to be determined. The Union Leader says no one else was injured in the fire.

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