It Started Just Before the Holiday Weekend

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu said that he didn't have a great Labor Day due to not feeling well.  He went to see the doctor last Friday and it was discovered that he had a bleeding ulcer.

He Thought it Was for sure COVID-19

The Governor was convinced that he had COVID-19, however, they took 6 tests and they all came up negative.  He told us that he was exhausted and couldn't stand up for more than 5 minutes.  If he laid down, he was fine, however, he was incredibly fatigued and tired with no energy.  Sure enough, they discovered that he had been bleeding for quite some time and his blood supply had been reduced to only a third.  YIKES!  He said that he didn't even know that people could survive on 1/3 supply!  The doctors came in and said in a very calm way that they were going to start blood transfusion IMMEDIATELY.

Who Loves Needles?

When it comes to needles and hospitals, the Governor said,

I am not a brave man.  I'm not gonna lie to ya.

He's not alone.  I mean really, "I love needles" said no one ever!

Stress Was a Big Part

The Governor admits that his job has a lot of stress, but he loves it.  COVID was a big part of all the stress, but he is going to try to do better with the whole work/life balance thing.

The Governor also mentioned that he feels that the fall and winter surges of COVID-19 are going to be "pretty rough actually," but kids are back in school and things are going pretty well here in the Granite State.

In case you missed the whole interview, here it is!

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