Earlier today, Attorney General's announced a Canterbury man has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder of his mother.

According to the Union Leader, twenty one year old Phillip Nash was scheduled to be arraigned on the murder charge today (Friday) in Merrimack County Superior Court. His mom, Frances Nash, was reported missing on May 19. She was found dead in Canterbury two days later. An autopsy revealed she had been stabbed multiple times.

The Union Leader reported that six days before his mother's body was found, “competency concerns” were cited in the dismissal of an unlawful possession of alcohol charge pending against Phillip.

Nash had a recent history with law enforcement. Listed in court documents, Phillip Nash was arrested by Boscawen police Dec. 18, 2017, at the Cumberland Farms on King Street for being intoxicated, and being about a month shy of the legal drinking age. He later pleaded not guilty. On New Years Day of 2017,  he was charged with three counts of domestic violence-related simple assault and resisting arrest for allegedly assaulting his mother. In that incident, he allegedly alleged that Nash grabbed his mother by the arms and physically removed her from her vehicle, throwing her to the pavement in a parking lot. In addition, a second count of simple assault alleged that he placed her in a choke hold inside her vehicle. A criminal complaint filed also Nash was also charged with simple assault for wrestling Frances Nash to the ground inside her apartment to block her access to her cellphone, to prevent her from calling police, according to the Union leader.

All charges were dropped May 1st, 2017, under the condition he undergo a mental evaluation. He was also to remain on good behavior for a year.


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