While doing electrical work, the man, who was allergic, suffered two stings.

According to a report originated by WMUR, ast Saturday, Brian Baker Jr. was doing electrical work outside on his deck when he was stung twice by a yellow jacket. Baker was allergic, so his wife said she jumped into action, administering an EpiPen as she dialed 911. Mandi Baker told WMUR "I had him cooling with wet towels. I believe he started to stop breathing before the ambulance was there” "The rescue personnel really did everything to keep Brian with us, to give him a chance. They performed CPR on him for 45 minutes just to give him that chance,” said Brian Baker’s father, Brian Baker Sr.

Baker was eventually taken to the ICU at Catholic Medical Center in Manchester, and he reportedly died on Wednesday from his reaction.

While the story is shocking, experts say it's often the case for those allergic.The family has set up an GoFundMe account in memory of Brian, who was also an organ donor.


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