A Senate committee voted to wipe out a toll area which has been an 'undue burden' for members of one New Hampshire community.

New Hampshire lawmakers took another step in removing the toll from exit 11 on the Everett Turnpike yesterday. According to WMUR News 9, Senate Bill 300 passed the Senate Finance Committee unanimously on Tuesday. If the bill comes to fruition, there would be one less toll for travellers to pay. One, which residents of Merrimack have been unfairly paying, according to some.

Rep. Nancy Murphy, D-Merrimack said ""I think the rest of the state is benefiting from the town of Merrimack's toll burden." "People coming up from Nashua can come up the Everett Turnpike without having to pay tolls." If removed, NH DOT says it would mean a huge financial hit for the Granite State. DOT deputy commissioner Chris Waszczuk told WMUR it would be "a loss of nearly $50 million over a 10-year period."

According to transportation officials, the tolls are paying off a 30 year bond that will not be paid off for another five years.

According to WMUR, the bill will head to the Senate floor for a vote, and if passed, it will go back to the House.

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