The growing problem is something health officials in New Hampshire are trying to control.

Cigarettes are out, and vaping continues to rise. WMUR reported nearly a quarter of high school students in the state have admitted to vaping, with the practice becoming increasingly likely as the student ages.

Health officials are calling it a nationwide epidemic. A new generation is facing possible nicotine addiction. The images of a pack of cigarettes rolled up into a white T shirt are in the rearview mirror. E Cigarettes arrive in different disguises, sometimes as a USB stick.  Epidemiologist Dr. Benjamin Chan told WMUR it's as important as ever for parents to their children, and make them aware of the dangers of vaping. "Many of these devices contain nicotine and other chemicals. We know that nicotine is bad for your health, no matter what your age, but it's particularly bad for the developing adolescent and young adult brain."

Chan said nicotine affects mood, and can lead to lifelong addiction issues.



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