There we are.  Right behind Connecticut, for the number two State for the volume of people that call out sick from work.  I’m not a fan of sick days.  Knock on wood that I don’t get sick after that comment but seriously, I have only called out sick three times in 35 years.  I correct that, twice, once I was sent home because I lost my voice, which is kinda important if you are on the radio.

According to the website, residents of New Hampshire made the top of the list in a study that did that contacted more than 2,000 workers around the United States to find out why they called out sick. At least we aren’t number one on this list, but number two isn’t much better.  The list of excuses people gave for calling out sick are hilarious.  While most were actually sick, some just needed a mental health day.  Others said they just didn’t feel great, some had doctors’ appointments while others said they were going to a job interview.  OUCH!

They included a category of “other reason” and some of the responses were great.  Like “Stolen Car, Break-ups, attacked by bed bugs, accidentally overslept, to ride bicycles and drink microbrews.” Ride bicycles and drink microbrews was my personal favorite.  Some of the reasons were sad, like funerals, chronic pain, and health conditions. At least we didn’t come in last.  If you are calling off sick in Connecticut, use a good reason so you guys stay number one.



Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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