Spring arrives Wednesday at 6pm, but the real welcome carpet won't be rolled out until later in the week.

Thursday night into Friday would be a snowy mess...if it were 10 degrees colder. Northern New England is on track for a major storm, and if you're completely over snow, it's likely to work in your favor.

According to News Center Maine's Todd Gutner, the first spring storm will leave most of Southern New Hampshire, North Shore Massachusetts, and Southern Maine wet. Gutner says the track is always critical, especially for Spring storms with limited cold air.  This one looks like an inside runner, hugging the coast, allowing mild air to flow in and rain to prevail for the majority of us. While snow is expected in the mountains, the coast will stay all rain.

Even if this storm leaves us soaked instead of snowed in, we're not out of the woods yet. Spring typically hands out a few storms, and with moisture in the atmosphere, they pack a punch.

Basically, you shouldn't detach the plow just because we're heading into a new season.


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