Struggling New Hampshire Dairy farmers are getting desperate. With changes in the farming industry and a difficult market, Gov. Chris Sununu signed a Bill last year into law to aid farmers. The law allows that specially labeled milk can be sold with a 50-cent per gallon premium and a majority of that, 43-cents, goes directly to the dairy farmers. According to, a recent study out of the University of New Hampshire says that most people are willing to pay a premium for local milk to help local farmers.

Unfortunately, not many local retailers are on board with the changes.
“HP Hood recognizes the difficulties NH dairy farmers are facing in a market that has been very challenging in recent years,” Lynne Bohan, Hood’s Vice President of Communications and Government Affairs, said in a statement. People just aren’t drinking milk anymore. Its supply and demand and the beverage market have become crowded with alternatives but it seems that New Hampshire residents want to help local Dairy farmers by paying the premium for locally sourced milk. spoke with Shawn Jasper, the commissioner of the New Hampshire Department of Agriculture, Markets & Food spoke about encouraging consumers to speak to local retailers such as Shaw's, Hannaford, Market Basket, and Walmart about implementing the program. It’s up to the retailers at this point but consumers want to help local dairy farmers if these stores want to give customers what they want it seems to be an easy choice to participate in the program. You can help local dairy farmers by speaking to your local retailers. Something needs to be done soon to save a way of life for these multigenerational farmers.


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