I have a burning question. Does anyone actually like those conversation hearts? I went to a wedding once that they gave those conversation hearts as a party favor. They had them customized to say cute stuff about the couple. Okay, that's cute! But I am not talking about the concept of the hearts, I am talking about the actual taste. The taste can only be described in one word: CHALKY! Well, a recent study found that conversation hearts are the favorite V-Day candy of Iowa, Michigan, North Dakota, and even MAINE! These states know that chocolate exists, right?

I know I'm a little biased, but the people of New Hampshire have excellent taste in V-Day candy and everything else. The survey says our favorite V-day candy in the Granite State is chocolate truffles. YES TO TRUFFLES ALL DAY EVERY DAY! Milk chocolate Lindt truffles are my absolute favorite. One of my besties worked at the Lindt store in the mall growing up and that was a friendship with benefits, let me tell you.

Check out the complete list of states and their favorite V-Day candy here. I must admit, it's surprising that the most popular V-Day candy is...fruit?! Okay, chocolate covered strawberries.

If you are wondering what my favorite V-Day candy, it is without a doubt, the Reese's peanut butter cups in the shape of heart. And this goes for any holiday by the way, Easter = Reese's in the shape of an egg, Christmas = Reese's in the shape of a Tree, I think  you catch my drift.

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