If you're a teen and you plan on getting married in New Hampshire, the minimum marriage age has been raised.

The law, which went into effect yesterday, January 1st, New Year's Day raised the minimum age to get married in the Granite State to 16-years-old. That's up from 13-years-old for girls and 14-years-old for boys.

Over two years ago, Cassandra Levesque, who is now a state representative, fought to change the state law that allowed 13 and 14 year old teens to get married.  According to an interview with WMUR, Levesque said: 'We can’t allow kids to get married. They’re still kids at 13 and 14.'

Levesque, however isn't done with this law. She says no matter how long it takes her, she will keep fighting to raise the minimum age to get married in the state of New Hampshire to 18-years-old.

Credit Think Stock
Credit Think Stock

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