When I think about living a healthy lifestyle, I think about getting enough sleep, eating the right food, prioritizing my mental health and keeping my stress levels low. In general, I try to lead a healthy life. But I am also an American therefore I work too much, I often don't get enough sleep, and I love me a big ol' bacon double cheeseburger from time to time. Did I mention wine? Yeah, I love that too. But red wine is good for your heart right?

A site called Best Life did a really interesting study where they ranked each state from most healthy to least healthy. They analyzed each state's accessibility to healthcare, how many servings of fruits and veggies they are consuming, sleep habits and more. I was a little nervous to see where the New England states ranked because we don't always do so hot in these types of surveys. I was pleasantly surprised to see many New England states in the top 10. YEEHAW! Apparently we're doing something right! I'll break it down for you:

Vermont came in at #1

the healthiest state of them all.  That's right folks! The Green Mountain State is where it's at!

Connecticut (which, is it even New England?) is doing alright at #3.

My home state of Massachusetts came in at #5.

I love the heck out of that state but isn't that kind of surprising? When I lived there I was filled with road rage. How dare they rank healthier than us? But alas, don't be too jealous of the Massholes because...

New Hampshire came in at #9.

Poor Mississippi was named the unhealthiest of them all! Aside from learning how to spell it back in the third grade, my knowledge of that state is quite limited. I hope they can raise their health score this year. Mississippi, I am wishing you more salads, walks, and sleep in the year ahead. (look me all high and mighty)

Check out the full list here!

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