Getting a good night's sleep is a badge of honor for most adults. Throw another person in the mix, and it becomes increasingly difficult. Sometimes, nearly impossible.

According to The Independent, nearly 30% of Americans want a divorce. Well, a "sleep divorce," and New Hampshire is nearly leading the country!

The nationwide survey of 3,000 Americans has also found that even more of us would like one but are too apprehensive to bring up the topic with our partners. That's right! We're a nation of restless sleepers, searching for snoring (or lack of) compatibility. Perhaps even more stunning is where the Granite State ranks on the list. Coming in right behind West Virginia, New Hampshire ranked at #2, with a whopping 67% of us reporting we'd prefer to sleep in a different bed than our partners.

Is this something to brag about? Not so fast, says the Independent. They reported even if sleeping in separate rooms was a mutual decision, 41.4 of us they would not admit it to friends or family.

All is not lost though. For a refresher on how to wind down properly, follow these tips:





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