A very popular bakery and coffee shop in Portland is receiving some serious national recognition.

Congratulations to Tandem Coffee & Bakery for the incredible press from one of the largest newspapers in the entire world. The Portland bakery has been a local and tourist favorite ever since it was opened by Will and Kathleen Pratt in 2012.

Tandem is best known for two things: fresh roasted coffee and some of the best biscuits in America. The fluffy and sweet clouds of goodness are pure joy, especially as a breakfast sandwich or loaded with delicious butter and jam. It's a true Portland delicacy.

Here's a little of what the New York Times had to say about head baker and James Beard nominee Brainna Holt, and "the best biscuit outside of the South."

These buttermilk biscuits aren’t like other buttermilk biscuits. They deliver the kind of hefty absolution that only a specific ratio of butter, flour and sugar can provide. But where Southern-style biscuits are traditionally fluffy and airy, Holt’s are sturdy, salty-sweet Tempur-Pedic pillows that bounce back when you press into them.

The article is a fascinating look at Holt's baking process. From ingredients to ratios, it's an amazing look into the mind of a mad scientist making delicious baked goods. I strongly recommend any home baker take a look at it. It even includes Holt's recipe.

Congrats again to Tandem for the wonderful national attention. It's always great to see local business get the recognition they deserve. I don't think anyone would argue that.

You can visit Tandem at the Bakery on Congress Street. They also have opened their roastery down in the hip Bayside neighborhood on Anderson Street.

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