Fans of Smuttynose have rejoiced. A week after the company was sold at Foreclosure, a new buyer has been announced, which will keep brews flowing here in New Hampshire.



According to Fosters, the Provident Bank, which purchased Smuttynose on March 9th has sold the company to locals The Runnymede Group, who are based in North Hampton New Hampshire. Provident Bank President Chuck Withee told the newspaper "They are passionate business leaders, and all around great people who are part of the Seacoast Community. Runnymede has the resources to take this popular brand to new heights. Smuttynose fans and employees should rest assured this local treasure will not only survive, but thrive in the coming months and years ahead."

According to the article, there has been no disruption during the transition, with both the brewery and Hayseed Restaurant still in operation. Runnymede investments is a family owned company based in North Hampton, and specialize in real estate.


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