Tuppy can finally lay his head and take it easy.  Poor Tuppy was an adopted feral cat that the O’Brien’s took in from an emergency veterinarian in Newington in 2011 according to Fosters.com.  The O’Brien’s knew they were getting a feral cat that did not exactly possess the best demeanor.  The vet had warned them that Tuppy would probably do anything to get outside and boy did he ever!  Tuppy even ate through a dryer vent in one attempt to escape.


Tuppy had an eye condition that was being treated when he went missing.  The O’Brien’s searched and searched knowing that Tuppy needed his medication.  After a year, they had almost given up hope.  That’s when the kind actions of Leonie and Wayne Emerson came to the rescue.  They had spotted a feral cat and had made numerous attempts to catch him, including a Have-a-Heart trap, but Tuppy was too clever for that.  One night, in the pouring rain, the Emerson’s could hear Tuppy’s cries from under their RV.  Eventually, they got him into a dog kennel buy luring him with food.

Once inside he was all purrs with Wayne Emerson.  They took Tuppy to the Pope Memorial Humane Society and sure enough, he had a microchip!  Sarah O’Brien is over the moon happy to have her Tuppy back.  O’Brien told fosters.com “I think he needs to rest, and he seems fine sleeping on the windowsill.  He is settling in.”  Because Tuppy’s eye condition, an autoimmune disease, went untreated for the year, he is blind.  It is a miracle he was able to survive in the wild for a year.  Three cheers to the Emerson’s for doing the right thing and helping Tuppy find his way home.




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