(Concord, NH) - Fish & Game officials are urging residents and visitors to leave fawns and other young wildlife alone, giving them their best chance of survival.

Credit: JC Coffey WOKQ
Credit: JC Coffey WOKQ

State wildlife officials say deer give birth during the late spring and early summer, and fawns are often spotted alone. This fawn was spotted recently outside the WOKQ Studio in Dover.

We humans often jump to the conclusion that the mother has died or abandoned her fawn. In most cases, however, the mother is likely nearby and waiting to feed her newborn.

Adult deer are easily detected by predators because of their scent and size, so they often spend time away from their young to disassociate their scent from the fawn to protect them from predators.

Best advice....if you see a fawn or other baby animal alone....leave it alone! The best chance for the animals survival is in its natural environment under the care of its mother.

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