Babies Have Their Own Timeline


If there is anything, I have learned about women having babies it’s that I know nothing about women having babies.  Watching my grandson who is only 3 months old I still can’t believe my daughter made a human.  A Manchester mother will have a tale to tell about her son’s birth.  It all happened in a bathroom in their home with Grandma’s help according to


Birth, sometimes slow, sometimes Quicker than you Think


When Shannon Therrian started feeling labor pains, she went to bed to see how things would progress. When she got up from the bed, she knew instantly this baby was not going to wait.  He was anxious to arrive.  Her quick thinking led her to the tub where she has her mother there to help next thing you know boom here come's baby Jacob and Grandma caught him in a towel.  Grandma Janis Hardiman tells “It was amazing, absolutely something you’d never really desire to go through, but in hindsight, it was the most profound experience I had in my life.”


What was Dad Up to?


During the birth, I was wondering what Dad was doing, because as a Dad I was NOT involved in the birth of ANY of my kids.  In fact, I didn’t even see them born till my youngest was born and that was because my wife insisted.  She said, “this is the last time I am doing this YOU ARE GOING TO BE THERE.”  Baby Jacob’s Dad was on the phone with a 911 dispatcher who gave instructions on how to tie off the umbilical cord with a string according to reporting by  He found a shoelace and did his part, but I think the real hero of the day was Grandma Janis for catching the baby in a towel.  After watching my wife with my grandson, I know full well the magical powers Grandmas have.  I am happy that all are healthy and happy and have a wonderful story to tell baby Jacob when he grows up.



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