The countdown is on. Santa is checking the Good and naughty List one more time, making last minute arrangements. Mrs. Clause is baking cookies for Santa's trip. And reindeer are being fitted with harnesses and jingle bells for their journey around the globe in just a few short days.

This is crunch time for the Big Guy. Elves are working overtime filling orders for all of the good boys and girls. According to the official Santa Update, the North Pole Post Office is seeing record levels of mail this Christmas.

However, Santa has set aside some time to send a last minute message to boys and girls in New Hampshire. If you're a mom or a dad, a grandparent, or a loving friend...then you should click HERE to contact the North Pole immediately and see if Santa is available before he climbs on his sled and heads to your house.

Good luck. And Merry Christmas.

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