If you and/or your other half are members of the military and are currently stationed in the secoast area of New Hampshire, you may be eligible to win a wedding or vow renewal from Love Affair in Portsmouth. 

According a press release from Love Affair, they are donating a free wedding to a local military couple. Here's what you need to know:

*The reception will take place at Foster's Clambake in York, Maine on Nov. 8
*They are currently looking for that special couple!
*The deadline for submissions is May 28th, 2018
*The contest is also open to veterans and military couples looking to renew their vows as well as recently engaged couples!

The Love Affair website says they will supply the following services: ceremony, venue, wedding planning, catering, cake, flowers, the Bride's hair and makeup and much more!

credit Think Stock
credit Think Stock

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