New Hampshire may be a small state, but we're big on ice cream!  Stay at-home orders have been in effect for what feels like forever.  So, while we may not be able to dine-in anywhere the Dairy Queen drive-thru is a lifesaver, especially if you have kids!  Granite Staters agree.

According to WMUR, the Dairy Queen in Manchester, NH was the second busiest Dairy Queen last the entire United States!  That's unbelievable.

Owner Dave Dion told WMUR that he's never seen anything like it.  So what does the 2nd busiest location in the US look like?  Well, it means over 4,000 customers last week.  Pretty incredible.  But hey, I get it. Sign me up for a blizzard!

Dion said the line wrapped around the parking lot, and with only 20 staff members, they tried to keep the process as streamlined as possible, according to WMUR.

I'm sure the entire staff is exhausted, but hopefully a delicious Reese's peanut butter blizzard will hit the spot.  Dion told WMUR that was the top requested item.

We'll soon have more options to get a cool Blizzard from Dairy Queen as stores in Concord and Somersworth get ready to open in June.

New Owner Ghalib Lalani tells us:

"Congratulations to Dairy Queen Manchester and the Dion family, #2 in the nation! Great work on record numbers and service! This gets me even more excited to reopen the Dairy Queens in Concord and Somersworth this Summer!"

We can't wait!

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