The teacher is accused of coaching and instructing fourth-grade students while they were taking the statewide assessment test in language arts.

For anyone who wasn't a strong test taker in school, the first half of this story sounds like a dream. A teacher actually helping you pass the class, instead of having a red ink field day on the paper you carefully agonized over for the entire allotted time. Well, this is allegedly the case for one teacher in Newfields, New Hampshire.

According to WMUR News 9, Superintendent David Ryan said in a statement Thursday the school district found there was "some minor deviation" from required testing procedures at Newfields Elementary School. He said the teacher's been disciplined in accordance with the district's "progressive discipline policy."

As a result of this, the entire staff has to be retrained on correct administration of statewide standardized tests. The teacher had been placed on paid administrative leave earlier this year, pending the NH's investigation, and the school district's internal investigation.

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