The Life Is Good Company has been selling us its own brand of positivity for years. reports that for more than 25 years, brothers Bert and John Jacobs have been selling us happiness in a tee-shirt proudly proclaiming that ‘Life is Good,’ but COVID-19 has been tough.  People are still hopeful.  As the brothers related to, they have seen dark times before.  After 9/11, the New Hampshire based company designed a stylized American flag above their brand and the company donated the sales of the shirt to charity.  Customers responded in such a positive manner that the Company refers to the positive responses they get from customers as the ‘Good Vibe Tribe.’

The Life is Good Company has been there sharing their own unique style of positivity through 9/11, the Boston Marathon Bombing, and even inspiring customers that they in the ‘Good Vibe Tribe’ through health crises such as cancer.  Why should COVID-19 get them down? Well, they had to rethink how to keep their staff safe.  Safety was critical to the founding brothers.  They asked for feedback from their employees and they had nothing but positive responses.  They retrofitted their distribution center, brought in experts on how to do it safely, and worked on a plan that included keeping workstations 10 feet apart and offering staggered shifts.

The unique thing about the Company is that, unlike most fashion companies, they can design a shirt on a Monday and have it for sale on a Wednesday.  That gave them the chance to offer some cool shirts with sayings like “’ Wash your paws,’ ‘Stay calm, stay cool, stay home,’ and the big seller ‘Class of 2020: ‘Virtually’ the greatest class of all time.” My personal favorite was the “Longest Rain Delay in History:2020.”  I think I have to get that one.  As reports they like to say “Life isn’t easy, and life isn’t perfect. But life is good.”  A message we can all take to heart this year.




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