An Epping, New Hampshire freshmen said she wasn't trying to offend anyone by wearing a shirt supporting the President, on a day students were encouraged to celebrate American pride.

According to the Union Leader, Ciretta MacKenzie was called to the principal’s office Monday, and told by Epping High School Principal Brian Ernest that she wasn’t in trouble, but that she needed to find a different shirt. MacKenzie, who will turn 15 next week had arrived at school with a shirt supporting President Trump, containing the phrase "Make America Great Again."

She said Ernest told her that Trump is a controversial President and that he didn’t want the shirt to make anyone feel uncomfortable in school, according to the Union Leader. Also, MacKenzie said the principal explained that the school didn’t want to make the day political.

In the article, the student was told that she might have to be separated from the rest of the students if she couldn't find another shirt. While she reportedly understood, she also noted Trump is still the President.

Superintendent Valerie McKenney declined to comment to the Union Leader. School board Chairman Dave Mylott plans to address it at a school board meeting on April 18.

MacKenzie said “I thought for America Day it would be OK and there wouldn’t be an issue."

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