Our youth is inspiring me during this time of crisis. Joey Marston, who attends Saint Patrick Academy in the 8th grade has come up with a brilliant plan. He has been a 3D printing enthusiast well before the COVID-19 outbreak. Marston told seacoastonline.com that he saw an article about the Portsmouth Fire Department’s need for personal protective equipment donations.

After seeing that a New York-based 3D printing company was creating visors with a 3D printer, and the company offering to share their templates, he knew just what he wanted to do and went after it. After Joey spends his days on Google Classroom and doing his schoolwork, he began working at night to craft these protective shields with his 3D printer.

So far, he has created 10 masks. He told seacoastonline.com “I’m going to keep on making them and as I make them, I’ll deliver them in groups to fire departments in Portsmouth and Rye and also different hospitals.” Joey Marston, I applaud you. At only 14, you are making a difference in your community and I think you have a very bright future!



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