Apparently, a lot of people are feeling pent up indoors and are hitting up the great outdoors for some pandemic lockdown relief.  According to reporting by, the New Hampshire winter tourism community is seeing a big boost in bookings due to the offset school vacations, this week in Massachusetts and Maine, next week in New Hampshire.  That’s good news for business owners. It seems that while most people in the past have used the kids being out of school to travel, since the pandemic, those seeking adventure are seeking some fun within driving distance.

Marti Mayne of the Mount Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce reports to that most snowmobile touring places are fully booked through the end of the winter season.  Paula Kinney of the Androscoggin Valley Chamber of Commerce has been inundated with calls about if the trails are open, inquiries about snow tubing and she tells that, “I think people just want to get out in the fresh air.”


I hear that. Despite the freezing temperature and snow, I have been out walking in Rochester near my apartment and I can tell you that it does my brain a world of good.  It’s easy to just Netflix and chill all day but getting out and moving, despite the rough weather is refreshing. Rather than having a ton of out-of-state travelers, it appears those that are within driving distance to New Hampshire outdoor winter sports activities will save the season.  While it might be an inconvenience to dig your car out of the snow for work, it is helping New Hampshire businesses.


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