Back in the day I LOVED to party. Before I had kids, I loved knocking back a few drinks with the boys. Captain Morgan and Coke...Amaretto Sour...or a Vodka Collins were the beverages of choice. These days, I just prefer an occasional glass of wine.

But clearly we are a nation of drinkers. According to Thrillist, a new study by Versus Reviews figured out the most popular cocktail in every state based on Google searches. These are the three most popular drinks.

1. Whiskey Sour. It was most popular in six states.

2.  Long Island Iced Tea. A strong drink preferred by college girls or people who have no idea what to drink. Also most popular in six states. But ironically, not in New York.

3.  Moscow Mule. The most popular in five states.

So what took the top spot in New England?

Well, here in New Hampshire it's the Margarita. No real surprise to me after last weeks National Margarita Day celebration.

Mainers love a good Tom Collins (no relation to Sen. Susan Collins).

Massachusetts residents get down to business with a Gin and Tonic.

While Vermont enjoys a Manhattan.

No matter if you sip champagne with your pinky out...or you swig Boone's Farm straight out the bottle...enjoy your adult beverage. But please drink responsibly. And never drink and drive.


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