Funny, I thought they were all moving to Dover and Newmarket.

Portsmouth is certainly a city on the rise, but I'm not sure it is a destination for hipsters displaced by the cost of living in the likes of Brooklyn and Portland (the Oregon one) as suggested by Thrillist. The new condos and high end boutiques cater to a wealthier set than the staff at Bull Moose or Breaking New Grounds can afford.

While Portsmouth is still a fun place to visit, assuming you find a place to park, it isn't some affordable hotspot artists are flocking to-- that ship sailed years ago. Wealthy professionals looking for a quaint New England downtown with an embarrassing number of high end restaurants are who are moving in. The guys with manbuns and girls with think rimmed glasses? Not so much. They've been pretty well gentrified to the periphery.

We should note that in the article The Friendly Toast is referred to as a vegan eatery, which diminishes credibility to a degree (sure they have vegan options, but a vegan eatery!?). Check out some of the other cities that hipsters are (supposedly) flocking to at




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