Through her reality series on E! "Eric and Jessie", I have come to really love Jessie James Decker. She is outspoken in the best possible way and loves her husband and children fiercely.

Her hubby Eric Decker was signed as a wide receiver for the New England Patriots last week. Jessie posted a photo in celebration!

As you can see, she is enjoying a glass of champagne and her baby is enjoying some good old fashioned boob milk. Everyone is happy. Everyone except the internet. There is a whole lot of mom shaming going on in the comments section of that photo.

Jessie responded by saying that having a small glass of champagne while breastfeeding to toast her husband's success was fine by her and her doctor.

"People are too hard on mamas these days.  Free the boob and enjoy a glass of wine.  It's all good." - Jessie James Decker

She has a way with words.

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