I love all things pumpkin. I swear if they came out with pumpkin spiced flavored toothpaste (and I'm surprised Crest hasn't jumped on that) I would use it. So the fact that stores are introducing pumpkin flavored everything earlier and earlier every year doesn't bother me. I will happily enjoy it for as long as it's available.

Bill, who by now you know is quite particular, enjoys his pumpkin spiced flavored things from October to December. He frowns upon those of us who want to enjoy pumpkin at the end of August because it's still Summer. But who give a hoot!! Ordering a pumpkin spiced ice coffee and heading to the beach is allowed. And that is what I shall do!

We decided to settle this debate on air and ask our listeners "How early is TOO early for Pumpkin Spiced flavor things?" Here is what they said:

(Never too early for that either, in my opinion)

Of course you had some folks who agreed with Bill but certainly not as many!

See what I mean? The moral of the story is Northern New Englanders say "BRING ON THE PUMPKIN!!"

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