Houses and business in the North Country are submerged as residents cope with spring flooding.

The story has been told before. Massive snow-melt, coupled with spring rain have caused flooding conditions throughout Northern New England. In 2019, the rising waters arrived quickly. John Landrock of Lancaster told WMUR News 9 "About 10 o'clock yesterday morning, there wasn't a drop of water out here. It started like a river all of a sudden. It came in through here and within a matter of four hours, just filled this up."

Parts of Lancaster had to modify traffic patterns to combat the rising waters. WMUR News 9 reported Bridge Street was down to one lane for much of the day as Department of Transportation crews tried to keep traffic moving. The flooding waters claimed Riverside Campground, which has been submerged.

For the time being, northern New Hampshire will continue to grapple with the issue. Flood warnings remain in effect for the Androscoggin and Connecticut rivers until further notice.



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