The Beach Plum and Hampton Beach had a bit of problem adapting to the new normal of social distancing guidelines last weekend and residents of the Hampton Beach area took notice according to  One of the many complaints that Hampton Beach residents took notice of was the high number of those with Massachusetts license plates.  Massachusetts is a hot spot in the COVID-19 epidemic and that has some residents on edge.

Local Police Chief Kathryn Mone noted that travel is freely granted, including crossing state lines, in the United States.  Mone went on to tell that her department is working with officials from both the state and the communities of Rye and North Hampton to enforce the no parking regulations along the state road.  When I went out last weekend, I noticed the caution tape and electronic signs around the Hampton Beach area and turned around to head for the woods instead of the beach to get my walking in for the day.  I love the Hampton Beach area but I like the beach when it is quiet.  I’m one of those lone walkers that enjoy the beach in the winter and fall more than summer.

Local restaurant owner Bob Lee, who owns the Beach Plum was facing a challenge with the number of large families waiting for orders.  Although many places are putting a large X on the spot where to wait so that customers can keep a social distance, the Beach Plum is surrounded by gravel so that won’t work.  Owner Bob Lee is planning on putting out some traffic cones instead which seems like a good solution according to

He is also working on an online ordering system that would notify customers when their order is ready so that families could wait in their cars.  Although ice cream orders come out rather quickly, lobster rolls and hot dogs take time.  We are all in this together and now is the time for innovation.  We will get through this, even if things look a little different. It’s wonderful to see so many communities and business owners working together to come up with solutions.



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