Everyone is gearing up for summer but with a trip to the beach, it means crowds.  Despite the measures put into place to maintain social distancing, it's going to be more stressful than a trip to the beach in years past.  Here is an alternative.  Try a lake if you want to enjoy the great outdoors and enjoy the soothing sounds of water lapping at the shore. According to the BostonGlobe.com, most New Hampshire residents hoping to avoid the beach may overwhelm Lake Winnipesaukee.

Lake Winnipesaukee plays host to tourists from all over the area including people from New York, Massachusetts, and even further south.  If you are willing to drive just a little further, you can enjoy an 11-mile lake that shares the New Hampshire border with Maine.  Lake Umbagog is tranquil.  No motorboats permitted there, you can enjoy the quiet lake by kayak or canoe.  Umbagog Lake State Park has lots of campsites including 33 that are only accessible by water.

If you want to make the hike to Vermont, you can enjoy the quiet sights of Vermont’s Lake Willoughby.  It’s a 5-mile-long glacial lake.  At its deepest, it is 320-feet deep according to the BostonGlobe.com.  Pack a lunch and enjoy the day without the crowds. Looking for a lake with a small public beach?  Try Megunticook Lake in Maine.  While not really a lake but more of a reservoir that is the product of grist and gunpowder mills.  Parking is free and the swimming areas are clearly marked.  The water is cold but maybe perched atop a paddleboard you won’t notice unless you fall in.  The New England summer has so much more than the beach to enjoy so get out there and explore.



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