What’s better that one big giant shark in the water off your favorite beach? Um, how about TWO!

According to Dialynn Dwyer of Boston.com, researchers from the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy shared drone footage of two Great White Sharks having a chat, or whatever, off the coast of Chatham just yesterday.

The Atlantic White Conservancy has a free app, Sharktivity, that allows the public to track sharks that have been tagged by the group.  According to the app, there have been 11 sightings of Great Whites in our area in just the last 48 hours.

The scientists are hoping to learn more about how sharks interact off our waters and gather more information on shark behavior.  Better to know what they are up to.

I find sharks fascinating when I am out of the water.

I will be downloading this app to track them myself! Major props to all surfers who just don't care or are not afraid. I couldn't do it.

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