The latest internet challenge keeps kids away from their homes for days at a time.

On the heels of other viral challenges sweeping across the United States, there is growing concern about the so-called '48 Hour Challenge' here in the Granite State. While there haven't been any reported incidents, parents should be aware. “We are trying to educate our community and get out in front of something before it happens." Tippencoe, IN County Sheriff Bob Smith said in a release

The goal of the challenge is to have their picture put out on social media. The more likes and shares it gets, the more points the teen gets.  According to the New York Post, “The challenge encourages teens to go missing for up to 2 days at a time and awards points for every social media mention while they are missing.”

According to the New York Post, the challenge could distract law enforcement from helping other people who are actually in distress.

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