So exactly how much beer do we drink in this country, and how much of the guzzling or sipping comes out of New Hampshire and Maine?

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First of all, here's the average amount of beer we drink each year in America broken down for you, according to By the way, the results include those 21 years and older, so yes, you know where I'm going with this: the actual numbers are probably more, considering underage drinking with fake IDs, private parties, etc.  But I digress.

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You and I drink around 28 gallons annually.  That is cracking me up, because it sounds insane.  I personally rarely drink beer, while I'm sure there are others who drink so much more than 28.2 gallons a year.  Taking this a bit further, that's about 10 ounces of beer each day, or roughly one six pack each week per person.

Three Frosted Beer Glasses on Granite Counter
Janet Koelling

That breakdown actually makes me breath a bit easier because it doesn't sound that enormous at all, but rather quite normal, like grabbing a beer after work or having a couple at a barbecue or ball game lifestyle.

So where do New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts rank in knocking back cold ones?


New Hampshire is #2

That's right, after North Dakota, which feels like such a random state to take the number one slot, Granite Staters drink more beer each year than any other state.

New Hampshire has around 110 breweries according to the non-profit website, New Hampshire Beer. Granite Staters, according to Beer Info, drink nearly 44 gallons of beer each year per capita, coming in at 43.9.  All right, who kept New Hampshire from rounding out that number?

Ryan Faas
Ryan Faas

Maine is #10

With more than 135 breweries across the state according to the Maine Brewers Guild, Beer Info says that Mainers drink an average of 34 gallons of beer per capita, giving them that #10 spot.

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Massachusetts is tied for 40 with Tennessee, while Vermont is the only other New England state that made the top 10, coming in at number seven.
loading... has your full list coast to coast right here.

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