Oh my goodness just look at this sweet face! I'm sure whoever is missing this precious angel is worried sick about him/her! This adorable pup was found outside the Walmart store on Lafayette Rd. in Portsmouth this morning. I can only assume he/she is not microchipped or else the Police Department would have just contacted the owner directly instead of posting about it.

Some folks are assuming that since the pup was found in a parking lot, that he/she was abandoned on purpose. I want to have a little more faith in humanity than that. I want to believe that the pup escaped from it's car and ran off and since it is just wee little thing it's owner's didn't have a chance to get it microchipped yet. If by some unfortunate circumstance that is not case, this little guy/girl will not be living a life without love. Literally HUNDREDS of people have come forward saying they are not the owner but they would like to be. Haha! Can you blame them?

I have faith that if the owner is out there they will be found. The original post from the Portsmouth Police Department has been shared almost 1,000 times in the last hour. Oh, the power of social media!

If you know who the owner is or have any information that could help Portsmouth PD locate them, please contact their Animal Control Officer, Bonnie Robinson, at (603) 610-7441 or brobinson@cityofportsmouth.com. Let's get this sweet pup home!

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