An article from WCVB in Boston says the town of Boylston in the western portion of Massachusetts has been dealing with a very stinky problem.

It seems some residents haven't had their garbage picked up for several weeks. The report says some in the town haven't seen the trash collector in as many as three weeks.

Town officials, including the Board of Health had been trying to get to the bottom of the trash trouble with Republic Services, the company that is at the center of the issue. Republic Services, according to the report sent an automated message to residents letting them know that garbage pick-up would be delayed over the recent Memorial Day weekend. However, for some Boylston residents, it never resumed.

Sarah Scheinfein, from the Board of Health says, 'the lack of communication is very, very frustrating.'

Shortly after WCVB in Boston aired the story on their newscast, they received a statement from the company in question, Republic Services. It read in part:

"We take great pride in serving our customers. Where there have been recent service issues in the local area, we are surging in additional resources, including collections vehicles, drivers and technicians in order to resume normal collections service. We apologize for any inconvenience that our customers may have experienced, and we will be working with customers individually to rectify matters."

credit Think Stock
credit Think Stock

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