On a beach-ready week, look out for these.

Credit Think Stock
Credit Think Stock

A big push has recently been made to ban plastic straws. Across the country, California is likely going to be the first state to restrict the distribution of plastic straws at restaurants. Advocates are hoping other ocean front states, such as New Hampshire will follow suit.

However, according to NBC News, activists are trying to raise awareness about cigarette butts, a much greater source of ocean pollution. NBC reported the filters have been the most-collected item on the world's beaches for 32 consecutive years of the Ocean Conservancy's annual beach cleanup. This means much more than plastic wrappers, forks/spoons/knives/, bottles and yes, plastic straws.

Thomas Novotny, a California lawmaker, and professor at San Diego State University told NBC filters show zero health benefits, and should be banned. "It's a major contaminant, with all that plastic waste. It seems like a no-brainer to me that we can't continue to allow this."


No word on any further actions other than those already in place on NH beaches.


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