The Associated Press reports that New Hampshire's 'Castle in the Clouds,' has been named to the National Register of Historic Places.

The mountaintop estate which is close to 5,300 hundred acres was originally known as Lucknow and owned by Thomas Plant, a shoe manufacturer.

If you ever been to 'Castle in the Clouds,' you've seen the breathtaking views of some of New Hampshire's mountains and Lake Winnipesaukee.

The castle itself is stunning. An article from NHPR describes some of its features that include a clay tile roof with a gray and salmon stone veneer; carved woodwork; Italian marble fireplace surrounds; oak-paneled walls; a plaster ceiling with relief wisteria flowers, leaves, and vines; and seven skylights. The front entrance is sheltered by a second-story gable-roofed porch.

There is also a two-mile entry drive and driveway with stone posts and retaining walls, gardens, and 40 miles of mountain roads and bridle paths.

Definitely worthy of a road trip!

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