Imagine how scary it is to start a new business. Now imagine your fear of opening a new restaurant during a pandemic. Erindira Jaime didn’t make the move without some doubts. According to, Burrito Loco last Saturday amid a tremendous amount of support from the “Friends of Hampton Beach NH” Facebook page. Burrito Loco had dreamed of opening up a restaurant that only offered takeout, so the pandemic didn’t disrupt any plans of eat-in dining.

When the location that they really wanted became available, they took the spot that is across from Hannaford on Route 1 in Hampton. Erindira Jaime’s love of her family’s recipes go back several generations from her upbringing in Guadalajara, Mexico. If you are looking for the real deal, authentic Mexican food, this is it.

With menu items such as sopes, burritos, tacos, quesadillas, and salads you have plenty to choose from. reports that Emily, Erindira’s daughter, says “it was just a new beginning for us, a new adventure.” The family lives in Portsmouth and loves the small-town feel of Hampton and of course their beaches. It takes real guts to open a new business, especially a restaurant during a pandemic so let’s try and show them some support. I think I need some burritos!


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