Last winter was one of the coldest I remember. Many people across New England saw their heating bills go through the roof. Now, according to WMTW-TV, several law firms have joined together to file a class-action lawsuit against Central Maine Power.

The report by WMTW claims about 97,000 Central Maine Power customers saw their year-over-year month or average daily usage increase more than 50 percent, according to paperwork filed with the Maine Public Utilities Commission.

Attorney Sumner Lipman released a statement saying, "The law firms have been contacted by over 200 people wishing to be included in the class. In addition, a group has been formed under the leadership of Patrick Milligan and now under the leadership of Judith Hopkins called CMP Ratepayers unite that has over 4,800 members. These members have joined together to pursue their claims for having been overcharged by CMP.  These people deserve an opportunity to be compensated for their harm. Many of these people paid their bills even though they were unreasonable and excessive so that their electrical service was not interrupted."

WMTW says CMP responded with their own statement about the issue. "We value our customers and are committed to fair and accurate metering and billing. CMP has not seen a copy of the referenced complaint and therefore cannot comment on the matter at this point."

The article goes on to say, "CMP has repeatedly said it had not found any problems to explain why hundreds of customers reported higher-than-average bills this past winter."


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