A mid summer evening cruising the ocean sounds perfect, right? We're doing it tonight!

You deserve it. Put yourself back in early February mode. The Pats had lost, it had been bitterly cold for a few weeks, and you were likely shovelling multiple times a storm.  Yes, life in New England was a little on the rough side. You might've even questioned your sanity for living here. However, you could always look ahead to a time when the sun goes down after 8pm, it's still 70+ degrees, and evening boating will be a reality.

If you used the above to get you through the winter, reap your rewards tonight with WOKQ!

We're on the water again tonight aboard the M/V Thomas Laighton. Tons of stuff to give away, including Taylor Swift tickets! Isaiah Bennett will bring the live music, and I'll be hosting the party!

You must be 21+ with valid state issued photo ID, and will not be able to board the boat without it. Parking at the boat is $5 Cash per car.

We'll depart at 7:30PM and return to dock at 10:00PM. Boarding will begin at 7PM. Join us tonight, and get tickets BEFORE they sell out!

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