A Maine State trooper is being credited with saving the life of an owl he happened upon in the middle of Route 17.  Trooper Sam Tlumac saw the stunned owl in the middle of Route 17 in Manchester late last week according to WMTW 8ABC.  After discovering the disoriented critter, Trooper Tlumac placed the owl in the passenger’s seat of his cruiser and went about his duties.

A local game warden says the owl was likely stunned by a car.  The owl, who may have the flying prowess of Errol, the Owl owned by the Weasely family of Harry Potter fame.  In the Harry Potter films, the owl was notoriously clumsy and flew into walls and windows frequently.

After riding shotgun with the Trooper and warming up a bit, the owl was released and went about his merry way.  Kudos to Trooper Sam Tlumac for his kindness to an animal in need.  Tropper Tlumac even took some selfies with the owl per WMTW 8ABC.

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