Can you imagine the Bruins hoisting the Stanley Cup in Salem New Hampshire? It could've happened after ownership nearly moved the team in 1981.

The Boston Bruins are already deep into the playoffs, and are making a strong case for the Stanley Cup. For New Hampshire fans, taking in a home game requires a drive or train ride into Boston, but what if it didn't?

Back in 1981, the Boston Globe reported Bruins ownership, the Jacobs Brothers of Delaware North were "in pursuit of a $50 million complex on the site of the burnt out Rockingham Race Park in Salem." The Globe continued reporting the threat, stating "In Boston, the inaction of Mayor White threatens to make Salem New Hampshire one of the Great Cities of the World for championship sports." The Globe further painted Boston's mayor in a negative light, stating "Mayor White's professed lack of interest in sports should not prevent him from using his political sagacity to keep the team here."

The article also reports on cable TV being the future of profession sports. This was 1981 after all.

Obviously, it never happened. The original Boston Garden stood for many more years, and the Bruins continued on a stretch of winning throughout the decade. 2011 brought another Cup, and they continue to skate well chasing another this season.

The Salem Bruins...hmmmm



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