Think the downpours last week lifted the dry conditions? Officials say no.

A few days of rain, punctuated by downpours which brought one to two inches of rain to the Granite State did little to quench the ground's thirst, and most of New Hampshire remains in a moderate drought. According to the National Drought Mitigation Center, as reported by WMUR,  parts of all 10 New Hampshire counties are experiencing moderate drought conditions, while the rest of the state is considered abnormally dry. The hardest hit areas appear to be the central part of the state, with southern New Hampshire reporting "abnormally dry" conditions. While not at drought level, it's still cause for concern.

Today's scorcher doesn't help, as the heat wave roll into the seventh day. According to the National Weather Service, there are heat advisory across the state, will lead into a dry weekend. A round of thundershowers will bring precipitation to some, but not all, and not nearly what the area needs for balance.





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